//How Long For The Lead Time of Beverage Manufacturing in Vietnam

How Long For The Lead Time of Beverage Manufacturing in Vietnam

Beverage manufacturing lead times start when the deposit for the order is made. The lead-time ends when the goods are delivered to the port in Vietnam and turned over to the freight forwarding company. Typically it is usually from 25-40 days depending on how big of your order, and first order always takes longer than from the second on. In this post I will discuss all the steps of the process to have a drink finished and ready to ship out. Let’s assume the quantity we are going to make is 1 twenty foot container


Step 1: Making the label

Lets assume that the factory has their designer team finished the artwork for you already, every information on the labels were confirmed. Now is just start processing on making the shrink sleeves.

Usually it will take 3-4 weeks to finish the label.

The reason is the labels are made by bronze plates, each plate is for 1 color, the labels are usually made of 6,7 or even 8 colors.

So it takes time for the label suppliers to make the plates.

Another reason is that there are not many big labels producers here in Vietnam, many of them are SME, and they also have many orders… then they need to arrange to meet the deadline from buyers. But usually it takes 3-4 weeks to finish.


Step 2: Collecting ingredients (this step can start at the same time as step 1)

They are factories, it does not mean that they have all the ingredients in stock all the time.

And for the factories that provide OEM/private label services, meaning they produce the products under your own brand, they don’t usually have all stocks of ingredients…

So for certain product, they will need to order ingredients from their suppliers or import the ingredients from other countries for it… and it will take time to have all ingredients ready

This step usually takes about 1-2 weeks.


Step 3: Confirming labels again

LAB people will double check all the information on label and confirm with the sales staff again, in case there are any changes, they will inform the sales staff to work with you.

Due to the regulation in each country, this country might allow this color but the other county might now allow the same.

So I would recommend you to check on the regulations of your country from the beginning, there will be no problem later…


Step 4: LAB sending formula to production Dept

Step 5: Start production

Depending on the quantity of each order, this process will takes long or short…

Usually for 1 container it will take 1-2 days to finish and have products canned/bottles already


Step 6: Labeling

After finish step 5. The goods will be stored in the warehouse for 3-7 days to check the stability of the quality, and then start on the labeling process, it will take about 1-2 days to finish.


Step 7: Loading the goods into container

This step can be happen after 1 day of labeling, or at the same day after labeling process finish.

So the whole process takes about 25-40 days, if there are no unexpected problems happen…

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