//How Can I Find a Reliable Beverage Manufacturer in Vietnam?

How Can I Find a Reliable Beverage Manufacturer in Vietnam?

So, you have decided that you want to find a reliable beverage manufacturer Vietnam, those who also can do OEM/ODM or private label services, to produce your own beverage. You have planned and distribution channels already. Now it’s time to go find a reliable beverage manufacturer.
The best strategy is to ask someone who already has worked with an English speaking beverage manufacturer in Vietnam. If you don’t know anyone, then ask around on LinkedIn, ỏ you can search on Alibaba, or go to Food and Beverage Exhibitions like GulFood in Dubai, Thaifex in Thailand, Fancy Food in USA, Sial in France or Asia Food Expo in Singapore…. The problem that many new companies run into, is that most buyers want to keep their good factories a secret, because reliable and English speaking beverage manufacturers in Vietnam are hard to find.

You can hire an agent with the understanding that you just pay them a finder’s fee plus commission on their first order. After that, you can work directly with the factory.

If you are determined to source the factory on your own you can start by searching for keywords on Google Search. Search for “OEM beverage manufacturers in Vietnam”, “reliable beverage manufacturers in vietnam”, “private label beverage manufacturers in vietnam” and see what you find. Visit the websites, and either send an email or call the factory directly. The first time you contact them, be prepared to ask qualifying questions like:

Does your factory offer free samples?

Does your factory have in-house LAB department?

Can you make the drinks based on my requirements?

Does your company provide OEM/private label service?

What is your MOQ?

What certificates does your factory have? (ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA…)

What other services does your factory offer?

How many countries you have exported?

How many containers you are able to produce per month?

Are your products NFC?

Can I mix several flavors in 1 container?

After getting the quote and tasting the samples, you should arrange a visit to their factories.

Usually, the good factories will have their own car to pick you up from your hotel to visit their factories.

Usually the beverages factories are in Binh Duong, Dong Nai or Cu Chi… around 1-2 hours away from the central of Ho Chi Minh city

So you should ask their sales staff in advance, to arrange a pick up for you from your hotel.

My advice for you is that you should choose a factory that have good English speaking staff.

There are not many people here can speak and understand English well.
So, for a successful business co-operation, they need to understand what you say, and you need to understand what they say. The both parties need to understand each other, to avoid wasting time discussing back and forth, and also avoid misunderstood each other.

Small misunderstanding will lead to big problem later on.
There are not many big beverage manufacturers in Vietnam. Many of them are small and medium size.

My tips for you is that if the staff you are working with is good at English, you both can understand each other easily, he/she is a good listener, not a talker… and they are supportive in pricing, flexible in MOQ then you can consider to go further with them.

If they make the right samples you want, their factory look good. Then it’s a good sign for you to start co-operating with them also.

Should you need any other support from me in the beverage industry in Vietnam, just feel free to let me know.


I am Mike, Director of Asia Food and Beverage Co., Ltd

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Beside our own brand – WANA, we also provide OEM, private label service.

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